Ar nosurge – Patch Ver.1.01


An Ar nosurge patch came out just a few hours ago. The GUST Social site did a summary report for it. It’s an important update for the game as there’s a few bugs and glitches in it.

One of them is basically just right before Earthes’ side Phrase2-08, which needed to trigger a scene by talking to the prime minister first before moving on to the next story cutscene. Failure to talk to the PM will cause P2-08 to locked out but the story can still be advanced. However, from what I read at some forums, this P2-08 bug may or may not cause the game to locked out the story later on during P3-12. Although I’m not too sure if this is related to the P3-15 bug mentioned in the summary report.

I managed to hit phrase 3 just before the patch came out but it’s reassuring to know that GUST are doing their job so that I can don’t have to worry about the game locking out now, I hope.


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