New World Vol.1 #01


So I’ve decided to start posting stuffs on New World, you know, to keep the blog abit more active I hoped.. New World Vol.1 (ニューワールド Vol.1: Maiden of Silver Tears) is an apps game for iOS/Android. But blog catergory wise, I just list it as Android since I’m playing it on a Samsung phone.

This game started exactly one month ago, 7th January 2016. So it’s quite new. The game is related to .hack series. Similar to .hack//Guilty Dragon which I’ve been playing on Android for the past 3 years but Guilty Dragon services will be closing down this coming March.

The requirement for the game to run smoothly is probably 3GB ram and above. I’m using a phone on 2GB ram and the game framerate was so bad during arena battles but whatever, not like I’m changing phone anything soon so I just have to live with it..


Here’s Akina (SR). My favorite Twin Blade user so far. Been using her as a Leader in my party.



Kite (SR) who is the main character of the PS2 .hack//IMOQ series, was given as a gift when I first started the game and for the next couple of weeks or so, the 7th daily login bonus is always a Kite (SR) mainly for players to limit breaking him or levelling up his skill.


At the moment, there’s only 3 story chapters which I’ve already completed, including the hard mode. So for now I’m just doing daily quests and racking up arena points for rewards.


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