Frontier Gate Boost+

I picked up Frontier Gate Boost+ today, knowing it was a collaboration between Konami and tri-Ace.


Frontier Gate Boost+, which was released a couple of months back, is an expanded version of the original Frontier Gate released in 2011.

The game is very quest-driven, but I bought it mainly for the character customization. So far, I’ve gotten my character to Level 8 and had the frontier level to reach 2. The music is surprisingly well done, and there’s a fair amount of battle tracks depending on the locations.

Also downloaded some of the DLCs from the Japanese PSN store, mainly the outfits and equipments, but most still need to be craft at the town.


Summon Night 5

Finally got the game after having it stuck in custom clearance during the weekends thanks to a music CD I shipped out together with. CDJapan was nice enough to give people who ordered from their website an A3 size poster of the game.


I saw the trailers of Summon Night 5 and the visuals and characters look interesting enough so I did an import of it. Probably gonna start trying it out tonight after charging my PSP since it’s all dried out for ages. The only other Summon Night game I’ve played was the one on NDS being known as Summon Night: Twin Age and I had alot of fun with it.